About MDdrip

Who Are We?

MDdrip is a physician owned and operated IV hydration and nutrition company.

Our mission is to enhance and restore client-directed health and wellness. Our team of doctors, nurses, and medically trained, vetted staff are committed to re-shaping IV therapy into a mainstream service for today’s health consumer. Our specialized drips maximize wellness, enhance performance and speed recovery. Whether you suffer from health issues ranging from headaches to hangovers, want to optimize athletic performance and recovery, or require vitamin and mineral supplementation, our physicians can a create customized drip that will refresh, rejuvenate, restore and rehydrate. At MDdrip the client builds their own unique path to optimal wellness and our staff helps you walk that path. We work hard to forge a lasting and trusting relationship with each and every one of our clients as they work toward their individuals goals. At your appointment, a licensed medical professional will review your medical history, recommend any further testing, and assist you in choosing the optimal drip or customize a drip specific to you.

To promote maximum client service, our team also offers concierge and mobile drip services. This allows our consumers to experience all the benefits of IV therapy in the comfort and privacy of home, work or even during a stay at a hotel or resort.

MDdrip mobile services add value to any party or private/corporate event by providing onsite IV therapy.

Keep checking our website for updates on our first MDdrip spa opening this winter. At our location a large array of wellness services will be available including aesthetics, intimate health and regenerative medicine.

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