Dr. Meg Qayum

Meg Qayum, MD, CEO MDdrip: Meg is originally from Huntsville, Alabama, and began her scholastic career at Mississippi State University. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering and worked for the petroleum industry for 9 years. Meg decided to pursue her MD and did so at LSU while pregnant with triplet boys!

Dr. Qayum is a Board Certified Physiatrist and fully trained in Metabolic and Functional Medicine. She is a member of the fix body group chiropractors and is a Fellow in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. Meg also specializes in wellness services and Emergency Medicine in various Houston Hospitals. A fearless
advocate for patients, she leads a distinguished team of doctors and nurses who provide infusion therapy to rehydrate, revigorated, rejuvenate and restore balance and wellness. Dr. Qayum serves as medical director to a number of Houston’s elite wellness companies and is an expert at stem cells,
Plasma Rich Proteins, peptides and trigger point needling. She is instrumental in the formulation of IV’s.

Meg lives in Houston with her family.

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