Athletic Performance and Recovery

250ML Bag: $150 (1 – 1.5 hours)
500ML Bag: $175 (1.5 – 2.5 hours)
1000ML Bag: $200 (2 – 3 hours)
QUIKinfuse 100ML: $125 (30 – 45 min)

*All prices include the same quantities of micronutrients, just the duration and quantity of saline varies.

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This concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes, and multi-vitamins supports the rebuilding, maintenance, and hydration of your muscles, enhancing endurance and recovery. We formulated a treatment that provides more benefits than any workout or energy drinks, shakes or pills, without the unwanted side effects of harmful additives included in them. Flush out lactic acid and restore your body with one liter of hydration. Get pumped with 100% nutrient absorption, your muscles will thank you! Perfect for professional and amateur athletes, as well as part of a pre-endurance boost or post-event recovery plan.

Rehydrate, rebuild, and recoup energy! Quickly extinguish soreness and fatigue from intense athletic events of any kind. Ask your gym to book MDdrip’s mobile IV therapy service for group treatment after a workout, competition or other event.

Contents: Saline, Argenine, B-Complex, Zinc, Glutathione

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